Wow. RARELY if ever do I fall in love with a whole album anymore but omg Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn is so fantastic. It’s chill melodious melancholy and groovy. It’s the kind of music that washes over you and takes you along with it. I love the melodies and there’s just layer after layer of musical things happening. His voice is quite nice as well. I’m gonna have this album on repeat for the foreseeable future.

the weird thing is i never listened to blur or even gorlliaz before...damon albarn is new to me

humithehandpuppet asked:

I really like your blog.

Born rotten, bored rotten Answer:

:D :3 :3 Aww thank you so much dearie:)) *insert flirty gif*


Anonymous asked:

I pray you meet and have an incredible and engaging conversation with him. Nothing else cause he's married.

Born rotten, bored rotten Answer:

Lol wuttt? XD um..i know Christoph is married (is this who you’re referring to?) I respect Judith highly. BYE.